Baikal Jeep tour in the valley of volcanoes + fishing

Jeep tour to the valley of volcanoes, Baikal is a favorite place for fishing Vladimir Putin

8 days / 7 nights

It is a real jeep tour along the spurs of the Eastern Sayan to the Valley of extinct volcanoes.

The volcanic complex consists of three volcanoes: Kropotkin, Peretolchina and the destroyed volcano “Old”, and also of the huge lava field of Hi-Gol. Mountain rivers and waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields, real taiga and emerald lakes: pristine nature and clean air are waiting for you. And, of course, Baikal itself will impress you.

This is a group tour, but it is possible to organize the program for 2 people at any time.

The cost of the tour per person: 1500 $ (for a group of 6 people); the cost for the group of 2 people is negotiable.

Moving on Nissan Safari off-road vehicles throughout the routeWhat’s included:

  • Professional mountain guide and translator services
  • Assistant services
  • Chef’s services
  • Three meals a day (camp kitchen)
  • Medical insurance
  • Rent of tents and fire equipment

Not included:

– Flight Moscow-Irkutsk-Moscow accommodation in Irkutsk (available as an option),

– Fee for bathing in the springs,

– Personal equipment (sleeping bags, mats).

At the end of the program, you can extend your vacation on Lake Baikal.


1 day

Departure from Moscow to Irkutsk at 21:25 by S7 (Siberia) flight from Domodedovo airport.

Arrival at the airport of Irkutsk at 08.05 am.

Meeting with the group.

Briefing about the trip, preparation for departure and departure.

On this day we will drive about 500 km to the most interesting country of extinct volcanoes.

The first stop is in the village Kultuk, where your acquaintance with Baikal will begin. Magnificent view of Lake Baikal and the Khamar-Daban range opens to you from the viewing area. In Kultuk you can taste the delicious Baikal omul (Coregonus migratorius) of hot and cold smoking!

Then we go to the Eastern Sayans. We enter  the Tunka Valley and we find ourselves in the Republic of Buryatia. Here for lunch you can taste a delicious Buryat dish – buzzy (a kind of ravioli).

We go to the Mountain Oka, making several stops in the sacred Buddhist and shamanic places.

Towards evening we arrive at the appointed place. The camp will stand on a beautiful glade in the valley of the river Sentsa.

Meals on this day: lunch in the cafe (paid for independently), dinner – camp kitchen in the tent camp.


2 day

It is time to find out what a real jeep tour is. After breakfast, we set out on an amazing adventure through the valley of the beautiful river Sentz. On our way there will be several serious obstacles: the first will be a swamp. Further the path goes along a narrow road that passes along the edge of the cliff, then directly along the riverbed. However, you will only have to take photos and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains, leave driving for our professional drivers!

Closer to dinner, we will have to pass a funny test – a ford across the Hadarus River.

In the evening – the arrival to the mineral springs of Hojto Gol, the unique hydrogen sulfide springs of the Eastern Sayan. Healing baths, super-useful mineral water and a pool with warm water!

Setting up the camp. Rest.

Meals: Three meals a day (camp kitchen)


3 day

This day will be one of the most eventful in our expedition. You have to test yourself, go 18 km and take the pass Cherby (2420 m, not categorized). Guides and instructors take all needed equipment and products and you still enjoy the views of emerald lakes and snow-capped peaks. You’ll see the highest point of the region – peak of the Topographs (3091 m) from the mountain pass.

After lunch, we will see a unique spectacle – the reason you went on a trip: mysterious and enigmatic Valley of Volcanoes.

Setting up the camp. Rest.

Meals: Three meals a day (camp kitchen)


4 day

This day will be entirely devoted to the studying the Valley of extinct volcanoes.

The complex consists of three volcanoes: Kropotkin, Peretolchina and the destroyed volcano “Old”, and huge lava field of Hi-Gol.

The valley of volcanoes is the last eruption in the Sayans and in Siberia as a whole. The height of the craters is over 100 meters, the area of the lava field is more than 30 square kilometers.

After exploring the volcanoes, we’ll have a dinner and rest.

Meals: Three meals a day (camp kitchen)


5 day

On this day we have to make a difficult, but already familiar route through the pass Cherbi to the sources of Hojto Gol. On arrival to the springs, we will have a festive dinner and a swimming pool!

Meals: Three meals a day (camp kitchen)


6 day

On this day we will continue to get acquainted with the mountain Oka and go down the river. There we’ll see one more fascinating sight – the Jombolok waterfall.

The flow of water falls from a lava field at the 15 meters’ height. Series of drains and rough rapids, flowing in the lava cracks are attached to the waterfall.

Further we move to the mountain lake Ilchir (200 km). Here we set the last camp. The lake itself is very beautiful, and it is full of fish (basically – grayling). On the lake there you can see a stone-heart: desires, conceived on it, come true!

Meals: Three meals a day (camp kitchen)


7 day

Transfer to the river Bely Irkut, to the foot of the highest point of eastern Siberia – Mount Munku-Sardyk. Here, besides the camp with a splendid view of the mountains, you will walk to the beautiful rock-arch Nukh.

Meals: breakfast – camp kitchen. Lunch – in a cafe, not included in the price of the program.


8 day

Moving to Irkutsk. On the way, we will again enjoy the views of the Sayan Mountains. Lunch at a cafe with Buryat cuisine.

Meals: breakfast – camp kitchen. Lunch is in the cafe, not included in the price of the program.