Chechen Republic

Tour in Grozny, the Chechen Republic

The tour is dynamic, but not tedious. The excursion program is full, but free time is always provided.


1 day

Meeting at the airport / railway station, hotel accommodation.

Dinner. Not included in the price of the tour.

15:00 Excursion “Grozny: from history to the future”. City tour: you will see a unique mosque “Heart of Chechnya”, a monument to the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees and a memorial to the victims of deportation. It is planned to visit the observation deck on the roof of one of the high-rise buildings in Grozny-City, an excursion to the Church of Archangel Michael, an excursion to the Akhmat Arena stadium, a visit to the National Museum, the Alley of Glory memorial complex and the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Museum.

Free time.

Dinner. Included in the tour price.


2 day


9:00 Transfer to the museum of Leo Tolstoy (52 km).

The museum is located in the village Starogladovskaya, where the writer spent several years in the 1850s.

The museum is housed in a former school building, built in 1913 at the expense of the villagers. This school was the first in Russia, which was given the name of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (in 1914).

Transfer to the village of Paraboch (18 km).

The Literary Museum of M. Yu. Lermontov is located in the village of Paraboch of the Shelkovsky District, in an old house, formerly owned by the grandmother’s sister of the famous Russian poet. Lermontov visited this house, which is almost 250 years old, three times.

16:00 Return to Grozny (68 km).

Late lunch. Not included in the price of the tour.

Free time.

Dinner. Included in the tour price.


3 day

Breakfast. Included in the tour price.

8:00 Transfer to Kezenoy-Am (130 km). The journey from Grozny to the lake by car takes about 3-4 hours. On the way, you can visit the ziyarat (the sacred tomb) of Sheikh Kunta-Khadzhi’s mother in the village of Guni, Vedensky district. Sheikh Kunta-Haji was a spiritual pastor and holy father of the end of the XIX century, who preached peace. He is very honored by the Chechen people.

Aul Kharachoy is a village with a rich history. Since the beginning of time, a road linking Chechnya and Dagestan passes through it.

To approach the lake, you need to overcome the Andean range. The road continues along the right treeless slope of the deep gorge of the Hulhulau River.

Lunch at the complex. Not included in the price of the tour.

Excursion to the ancient village. From the western shore of Lake Kezenoy-Am in only two kilometers to the fortified city you’ll see the fortress of Khoy. Its battle and signal towers hung over a deep gorge. The slopes of the mountains here are covered by dozens of ancient artificial terraces for farming.

Free time.

Dinner. Included in the tour price.

Overnight at the hotel on the lake.


4 day

Breakfast. Included in the tour price.

8:00 Transfer to the southern part of Chechnya for a guided tour to the Argun gorge (51 km).

The ancient road leads up the gorge of the turbulent Chanty-Argun River through the passes to Khevsureti, and then to Georgia. The road is cut in limestone rocks.

A short stop at the waterfalls. Rising up the valley of a small river flowing into Argun, you can admire the most beautiful cascade of waterfalls just in 100 meters from the road. The jets of water tend down from the steep rocks of twenty meters in height. The hostel is in a picturesque place next to the waterfalls.

Lunch at a restaurant in the camp “Nihaloevskiye Falls”. Not included in the tour price.

After lunch, the excursion continues towards the village of Itum-Kali.

You will see the ancient towers. One of them, decorated with relief t-shaped signs, stands on a steep precipice near the village of Bashin-Kali. Two other towers – they are paired – are in Ushkaloye.

In Itum-Kali you will have an exciting excursion to the local museum named after Hussein Isayev, located on the territory of the castle complex Pkhakoch. In this museum you can find objects of everyday life, old weapons, utensils, tools, which are more than one hundred years old.

Transfer to Grozny (81 km).

19:00 Arrival to Grozny.

Accommodation in the hotel.

Dinner. Included in the tour price.


5 day

Breakfast. Included in the tour price.

Departure from the hotel with stuff. It is possible to leave them for safekeeping at the hotel.

9:00 Transfer to Urus-Martan (31 km).

During excursion to Urus-Martan you’ll visit the ethnographic museum “Dondi-Yurt”.

In “Dondi-Yurt” there are collected authentic artifacts, buildings made of stone, adobe, wood; combat and residential towers, dugouts, crypts and houses with traditional decoration. It’s hard to believe that this collection under open sky is the work of one person! Adam Satuev, who created the museum “Dondy-Yurt”, put the goal – to save the history for future generations and successfully achieved it.

13:00 Lunch. Not included in the price of the tour.

Check-out is possible after 15:00.

Important: a transfer to the airport and to the station is organized.