Excursion to Kamchatka 10 days

Meeting at the airport of Moscow on a luxury car

Accommodation at the hotel, hotel is discussed

Excursion to the Red Square, dinner

In the morning the driver takes you to the airport and you fly to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Itinerary: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Lake Dvukhyurtotchnoye, geyser valley, hot springs, thermal waters, volcanoes

During the tour you will visit unique places in Kamchatka:

Lake Dvukhyurtotchnoye, where you can observe the fishing of brown bears, Steller’s sea eagles, the salmon run and spawning. You can fish and taste dishes from red fish.

You will cross Kamchatka from the South to the North and, moving from one climatic zone to another, you will get to Central Kamchatka, to the location of the largest volcanoes of Eurasia. You will visit the area of the most intense manifestation of volcanism on the territory of Russia. You’ll climb to new volcanoes – the Northern Cones (299m and 278m) of the Northern Breakthrough in 1975; walk through the “Dead Forest”, destroyed during the eruption in a vast territory.

You will be able to see amazing Valley of Geysers and take a boat trip along the Avacha Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

During the tour, you’ll be able to swim several times in hot natural springs and pools with thermal waters.

Lake Dvukhyurtotchnoye, surrounded by mountains, is one of the largest spawning reservoirs of the peninsula. Every year, 120-150 thousand of red salmon enter this lake to spawn. About 500 brown bears gather for fishing and fattening before hibernation on the shores of this lake and along its tributaries. Here you can safely watch by your own bears fishing in their natural habitat. Moreover, you can observe Steller’s sea eagles, otters, foxes and mink, which also go out to the lake for feeding. This is a great place for photo hunting and productive fishing for salmon. The tourist and recreation center “Двухюрточная” consists of six residential wooden houses, with 2-4-bed rooms, and a large kitchen – a dining room. Toilets are outdoor. There is a wonderful bathing place with thermal water, accessible at any time of the day. The base is located at the foot of the valley, on a huge thermal platform, filled with griffins and hot springs of varying strength.

Attention! (local time MSC +9).

What’s included:

  1. Three meals a day – on the active part of the tour (from lunch on the 3rd day to breakfast in the 8th).
  2. Guide services, throughout the tour.
  3. Cook services.
  4. Basic equipment (tents, dishes, etc.)
  5. Transport services (helicopter, off-road vehicle).
  6. Hotels accommodation 3*, DBL.
  7. Salmon fishing on the lake.
  8. Swimming in pools with thermal water.

Not included:

  1. Lunches and dinners in hotels, and during moving. (150-300 RUB in a cafe), (300-600 RUB in a restaurant)
  2. Optional excursions; In the Valley of Geysers, or the Sea.
  3. Alcohol



1 day

Meeting in the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Hotel accommodation (3*)


Visit to Resort Paratunka, swimming in the pool with thermal water.


2 day

Optionally, it is possible to conduct a Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of the Uzon volcano; or Boat trip along the Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean.

At the end of the tour, transfer to the village Milkovo (280 km, 3 – 4 hours), with a stop for dinner in the village “Sokochi”. Accommodation at the hotel “Geologist” (This hotel is newly built construction, everything is clean and neat, the rooms have a toilet and a washbasin, shower in a separate room on the floor).


3 day

Early breakfast and moving to village Kozyrevsk (195 km, 3 hours), and a helicopter flight (40 minutes) to the mountain lake Dvukhyurtotchnoye.

During the flight, in clear weather you will see a panorama of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, as well as the volcanoes Shiveluch, Alney and Chashakonja.

Accommodation at the tourist and recreation center “Двухюрточная”, in wooden houses, in rooms, for 2-4 people. Bathing in the healing waters of hot springs. Lunch in the wardroom. Rest. Walk (600 meters) to the shore of the mountain river Dvukhyurtotchnaya. Observation of bears catching fish going to spawn.



Observation of the bears and the rune run of salmon. Salmon fishing on the lake.

Daily bears regime is next: At night they catch fish and eat off for the winter, and during the day they sleep and rest. Therefore, you can watch them only in the morning and in the evening. And in the daytime, when the shaggy fishermen wander from the river to their daily mitts, you can swim in hot springs, fish on the lake, stroll around the base, just relax, read and chat.


5 day

Bears observation in the morning. Rest and flight by helicopter to the village Kozyrevsk. During the flight you can admire the spurs of the Alney volcano. You will see frozen streams of lava from the volcano Chashakonja.

Transfer to the foot of the most beautiful volcanic massif formed by the volcanoes of Ostry and Ploska Tolbachik (90 km, 4 hours).

On the way, in clear weather you can see the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka: Krestovsky (4057 m), Ushkovsky (3903 m), Klyuchevskaya (4750 m), Stone (4,579 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3,082 m.) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672 m).

Overnight in tents.


6 day

Inspection and survey of the eruption consequences in 2013 (the “young” cone, the vast fresh, and still hot lava flows, caves, stone sculptures and piles of frozen lava.)


7 day

Transfer by car to the Northern Breakthrough. Ascent to the Tolbachik cones, which are volcanoes in miniature, their height is 100-200 meters. Moving to the Southern breakthrough (15 km.). Visit the cones of the Southern breakthrough, walk to the “Dead Forest”, destroyed by slag and ash eruptions in 1975.

After lunch, transfer by car to the village of hunters, fishermen and loggers, – Kozyrevsk (90 km, 3 hours). Accommodation in wooden houses, in a private tourist shelter. Classical Russian bath.


8 day

Return to the city. Moving by car (480 km, 6-7 hours) to Petropavlovsk. On the way, lunch in the village Milkovo, and visit Malkinskiye natural hot springs, with swimming in pools.

Accommodation at the hotel “Petropavlovsk”, rest.


9 day

On this day, optionally, it is possible to conduct a Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers (if it was not possible, due to the weather, on day 2).

– Or a sea trip on a boat.

– Or any other one-day excursion.

In the evening return to the city, at the hotel.


10 day

At 9.00 a.m. transfer to the fish market.

Transfer to the airport.