Petrozavodsk-Kizhi-rafting-Kivach-Solovki (without spending the night on the island)

September: 02, 09

Duration: 5 days.

Price per 1 person 1200$


Children under 12 years – 1200 RUB

Children under 5 years – 2000 RUB

Train tickets are included in the price!

The cost of the tour includes: accommodation in the hotel Onega Castle, air tickets from Moscow, excursion and transport services, 2 meals a day, entrance tickets to museums.


  1. First day, tourists meet with a guide at the entrance to the station from the side of the apron. You’ll see nameplate with the name of the tour. Meeting – train number 18 (Moscow-Petrozavodsk). If tourists come earlier, they should wait. If tourists come by later trains than train No. 18 then transfer is for an additional fee.
  2. We draw your attention to the hours in hotels: check in after 14:00, check out before 12:00!
  3. The firm reserves the right to change the order of excursions without changing the program as a whole.
  4. Excursions to the islands of Kizhi, Valam and Solovki depend on the weather conditions. In case of occurrence of force majeure situations (storm, fog) excursions can be canceled with further recalculation.
  5. During the visit of holy places, please follow the dress code (Women-skirt, shawl, covered shoulders, Men-pants (not shorts)
  6. Only staff of the relevant museums has the right to hold all excursions On the islands of Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki.

1 day

Arrival by the train number 18. Meeting with the guide at the railway station under the clock from the apron, the sign “luxury tour of Karelia”.

Breakfast in the city cafe

Bus city tour in Petrozavodsk + Walking tour to the unique museum of contemporary art in the open air (exposition of sculptures on the embankment of Onega Lake)

During the tour you will get acquainted with the history of the city, as well as its modern appearance. You will visit the historical squares, the Governor’s Park, the Cathedral of A. Nevsky and walk along the embankment of Onega Lake.

For an additional fee: MUST BOOK AND PAY IN ADVANCE !!!

A trip on the “comet” to the Kizhi island (1 hour 20 minutes on the Onega Lake, on the island-4 hours). The island of Kizhi is a pearl of Zaonezhie, located among the Kizhi reefs. The main attraction of the island is the Museum of Wooden Architecture, where in the center you’ll find the ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost. During the excursion around the island you will visit the traditional farmhouse, learn a lot about the Karelian crafts and traditions. You will listen to the bells and see one of the main Orthodox shrines of the Russian North – the Church of the Lazarus Resurrection.


For those who have already been on a classic sightseeing tour on the island of Kizhi, we offer something new: (book in advance!!!)

-Excursion “The Sacrament of Restoration” (450 RUB)

-Excursion “Kizhi harbor” (250 RUB)

-Folk program “Music of the Northern Village” (250 RUB)

Return to Petrozavodsk.

Dinner at the city cafe. Accommodation in the chosen hotel (rooms with all amenities). For those who do not go to Kizhi – accommodation from 14:00.


2 day

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure for rafting. Rafting (inflatable rafts) on the beautiful river Shuya – distance 8 km, 4 thresholds, 1 category of complexity. Safety is guaranteed by experienced instructors. There are no age restrictions. Picnic – lunch. Return to Petrozavodsk


3 day

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure by a comfortable bus to Kem (470 km)

On the way – Excursion to the Kivach Reserve – the oldest one in Russia and the first in Karelia. During the excursion to the reserve you will see the most famous waterfall of Karelia – Kivach and arboretum of the famous Karelian birch.

Lunch in the café in Medvezhyegorsk.

Arrival in Kem, accommodation in the hotel “Prichal”, located on the White Sea coast (rooms with private facilities)

Optional: a pedestrian walk to the village of Rabocheostrovsk, to the place where the film “Island” by Pavel Lungin was shot.


4 day

Early morning breakfast at the hotel

Passing the White Sea by the ship to Solovki (2 hours). Arrival to the island. Excursion through the Central Manor of the Monastery.

Dinner. Free time (about 4 hours)

We advise you to visit: (payment on the spot)

Maritime Museum and learn about the deep traditions of maritime culture in Russia and the Solovetsky Monastery.

-Expositions “Solovetsky camp and prison” and learn about the fate of the Solovki prisoners.

Returning to Rabochyostrovsk

Night at the hotel “Prichal”

Compartment: from 4900 RUB.


5 day

Breakfast (lunch box)

Transfer to the railway station in Kem

Departure by train to Moscow / St. Petersburg