Fishing in Altai

Altai is a perfect place for fishing; you can find there more than 7 thousand lakes with a variety of fishing. Fishing in Altai can be planned almost at any time of the year. Local water rivers and lakes are inhabited by different fish species, which are not found anywhere except Altai.

For example, fish grayling: it is found mainly in the foothills, because this fish needs special oxygen content in the water and the degree of purity of the water. Other unique specie is the taimen. Siberian taimen by weight exceeds salmon, but still it is less energetic in the fight.

Fishing with spinning of taimen is of great interest to anglers. Also in the rivers and lakes of Altai, there are pike, trout, carp, burbot, char, etc. Many fish in rivers of Altai are really large in size.

We can offer you tours combining fishing and discovering natural attractions of Altai Mountains.

Fishing in Altai is an unforgettable program of outdoor activities in the mountains.

The Biya River, originated Teletskoye Lake, is transparent and full-flowing. The Katun River is the biggest river in Altai mountains. It’s a fast river filled with melted water of glaciers that carries milky-white water ahead. By autumn it acquires an incredible color of turquoise.

Teletskoye lake, Biya, Katun, and other numerous lakes and rivers in Altai Mountains are the perfect place for beginners in fishing, as well as for professionals.

Features of fishing in Altai: the richness of the catch

Altai Mountain is an amazing harmony of magnificent water fauna that impresses with its diversity, with virgin unspoiled places.

The deserved reward in Altai is fish (trout, grayling, trout) caught in the cleanest waters along with fascinating mountain scenery.Gently pink trout meat has a delicate taste, and includes useful fatty acids. Low-calorie grayling meat is suitable for use in dietary nutrition, while it is completely not dry, with a delicate taste. The meat of the taimen, reminiscent of the salmon, is more lean, but not less tasty.

The fishing program in Altai

The travel company “luxuryRussiatravel” offers the development of an individual paid program of fishing in Altai. Specificity and number of participants in the tour is unlimited. Our specialists will take care of the entire organization of your holiday: as for a single tourist, a friendly family, a group of friends, so for a large team of employees of the whole company.

The composition of the program is individual and determined by the customers’ wishes. As a rule, the following services are included in the program:

– Meeting in Moscow on a Luxury Car

– Accommodation in 5 or 3 star hotel, depending on the clients’ wishes.

– Excursion to the Red Square and dinner

– Departure from Moscow at 7 am to Gorno-Altaisk, the flight takes 4 hours

  • Transfer from the railway station or airport;
  • Accommodation in the camping or in tents at the fishing place;
  • Nourishing food from the cook-professional;
  • Assistance and training by an experienced fisherman;
  • Rent a boat;
  • Recreational fees.

Outfit and equipment

Travelers do not need to look for, buy and take heavy tents, overall sleeping bags, tourist rugs, mugs, pots and other utensils. We provide our tourists with all this on the spot. When you are going on a fishing tour, you need to take only tackles and rubber boots except your personal stuff. Note! Depending on weather conditions, catching area and season, rainproof raincoats and other warm clothes can be useful.

Delivery and support

We deliver our travelers to the fishing place by helicopters, on horseback or by high-cross-country vehicles. Experienced guides of the company are not only constant assistants and accompaniers throughout the fishing tour, but also qualified talented chefs and storytellers. In addition, they successfully solve all organizational issues and problems. Our instructors will share with you the secrets of their mastery and will not leave anyone without a rich catch!

It is possible to change the tour itinerary.

The cost of this tour is $2500 for 1 person.

Surcharge for single accommodation in hotels (except the base on the lake) – 13000 RUB.

The start date of the tour in individual groups is voluntary.

The cost is: $2500 all-inclusive