Rafting on Nizhnya Katun

Do you want to try yourself in the water element, to feel the feature of a water trip? Start with rafting down the Lower Katun. As a rule, tourists combine this rafting with other types of travel.

2 days rafting in the Lower Katun

The length of the water part is 85 km

Complexity category of water part II-III

            Map of the water part of the route  (2,2Мб)

The rafting described on this page can be taken before or after the end of your main route, join during your stay at the base.Rafting on the Lower Katun is not difficult. It is suitable for beginners in water tourism. We take teenagers from the age of 12 with their parents.

Since it is difficult to make video on the water all alone, our captain usually takes with him a special video camera and removes the passage of the main thresholds. You can purchase the disc after rafting for 400-500 RUB.

The planned rafting takes place on rafts (with a capacity of 6-10 tourists + 1 captain).

You can also go on a 4-seat catamaran (3 tourists + 1 captain) or a 2-seat catamaran (2 tourists),in this case the tour will cost 2000 RUB more.

If you have enough experience of rafting, you can go on a 2 or 4-seat catamaran without our captain. The cost of a 2-day rafting is 500 $



1 day

In Barnaul, Biysk and Gorno-Altaisk meeting of the group on Thursday morning. In Chemal we can meet you in the morning and in the evening. You can come to our base by your car or join the raft after any other route. In the evening a delicious dinner awaits you on the base, after it – a detailed briefing on the preparation for rafting and fitting the wetsuits. Everyone gets tents and sleeping bags. Those who wish can book for extra fee rooms in the houses.


2 day

In the morning we have breakfast, pack stuff in the driver’s baggage, and go to the Katun shore by car (8km). There we prepare boats, tie up stuff and listen to the instruction on safety on the water. After the Edigan River estuary we’ll start to accelerate, and we immediately go to the thresholds of Teldekpen-1 and -2  (from Altai language it means “The Mountain Rises”) (III c.s.). The river cut its way into the rocks, forming a two-kilometer canyon with sheer walls. Powerful flow turbulence with a chaotic jumble of jets, funnels and water mushrooms make a great impression. Our raft is spinning in these streams like a carousel. Today we will pass the threshold of Biikinsky, Cheburak and Elandinsky (III c.s.). Over the threshold of Elandinsky, the village of Yelanda begins. Here you’ll see unfinished dam of the Katun hydroelectric power station, an incomplete bridge stands in the middle of the river, bristling with armature. Next 15 kilometers we’ll meet a few more shivering rapids, and then stop for an overnight stay on the left bank of the Katun, away from civilization. There is a lot of dry fin and we can burn the fire for fun until late at night.


3 day

We continue rafting. Opposite the village of Chemal, let’s go through the shivering threshold “Chemal Trumpet”, roaring between the cliffs “Sartakpai Gate”. On the right side we’ll see for a moment the turbines of the Chemals hydroelectric power station, which attracts everyone’s attention with the roar of falling water, and a little further on the island of Patmos in the middle of the Katun we will see a newly rebuilt beautiful chapel. Today there will be rapids “Elikmanar”, “Askatinsky”, “Iradash” on our way. Our route ends near the village of Cheposh. Here we’ll be met by a car that will drive us back to the camp, where a bath and dinner would be waiting for you. This day, new tourists will come to the camp so you can feel free to share experiences with newcomers and tell your stories.


4 день

Departure to Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk or Biysk. It is possible to leave on a scheduled bus to Novosibirsk. You can stay at the hostel and continue the journey by another route.