The Golden Lake “Altyn-Kol” – this is how locals call Teletskoye Lake – one of the main ornaments of the Altai Mountains.

The lake is located at a height of 436 m above sea level, surrounded by magnificent beaches. This is the largest mountain water reservoir in Russia, the second in volume (after Lake Baikal) fresh water storage in Siberia. Its incredibly clean water is of highest quality. Teletskoye Lake is called Lake Baikal in miniature. The maximum depth of the lake is 325 meters (mean 174). This is a giant bassin. The bottom of the lake is only 109 meters above the level of the world’s ocean. In depth, the lake is the second in Russia after Lake Baikal and the twenty-fifth among the lakes of the world.

Rafting along the Katun River will allow you to feel the power and see the beauty of the Altai rivers.

Visiting Tavdin’s cave diversifies the impressions and introduces the underground world of the Altai Mountains.

This route is perfect for children’s recreation and rest for parents with children.

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights.

Season: from June to September.

The schedule of arrivals: For group and individual applications from 2 persons (any dates of arrivals are possible).

The cost of the tour: $1700 per person.

The cost of the tour includes:

Transport Moscow – Gorno-Altaisk – Moscow

Transport transfer from Barnaul to the tour and back;

Three meals a day;

The guide-instructor services;

Rental of equipment provided by the program;

Recreational fees;

Medical insurance.

Accommodation according to the program.


1 day

Meeting in Barnaul. Moving in Barnaul – village Artibash (400 km).

The journey by car to Teletskoye Lake begins on the legendary Chuysky tract – the most famous road of Altai, the ancient caravan way in Siberia. You will be accompanied by the mistress of Altai – the beautiful Katun. You’ll meet the stone hero Babyrgan – the guard of the North Altai. You will get acquainted with the capital of the Altai Republic – the city of Gorno-Altaisk. You’ll be филу to refresh with icy water from the holy spring and then, having overcome three small passes, you will be met by the picturesque and majestic Biya River. Beautiful rivers Katun and Biya merge into one slightly below the city of Biysk and form the great Siberian River Ob. Biya takes you to the Teletskoye Lake with rituals, games and legends.

Overnight at the recreation center (standard rooms for 2-4 person, econom).


2 day

Excursion by boat on the lake.

Visit the Corbu waterfall and the Gulf of Kamen (Stone Gulf). Acquaintance with the visitor-center work in the natural reserve. You will hear numerous legends and stories about the lake. Duration of the tour is 4 hours.

Then you’ll have a walking tour to the observation mountain Tilant-tuu (741 meters). Ascent to the mountain and descent from it will take a little time, and the view opening from the top of the mountain will certainly justify the efforts in full. Tilan-Tuu in translation from the Altai means “snake mountain”. And you’ll find out why it got such a name only at its top.

Overnight at the recreation center (standard rooms, 2-4 person)


3 day

Moving village Artibash – city of Gorno-Altaisk – village Barangol (auto 190 km).

Visit a small memorial complex of N.U. Ulagashev. The complex includes a guest yurt, a house-manor, a workshop of folk crafts. People compare Nikolai Ulagashev with Homer, Alexander Pushkin, and call him national heritage. Being illiterate, he could tell poems and fairy tales for several days. He knew by heart thirty-two poems and more than a hundred tales. He kept in his memory legends and tales, songs, proverbs and sayings of his people, created his own poems. Nikolai Ulagashevich performed all his works with kay – a special kind of throat singing.

Rafting down the Katun River. The Katun River (in translation from Altai “kadyn” – the hostess) is the largest river in the Altai Mountains. It originates on the southern slope of the Katunsky ridge near the Belukha mountain (4506 m) from the Gebelaran glacier at the 2000 meters height. The length of the river is 688 km. It merges with the Biya river and forms the Ob river.

Excursion to the Tavdinsky caves. People are always attracted by something unknown, mysterious, hidden in darkness. Caves are, perhaps, the most striking example of the Mystery created by nature. When a person enters the narrow or wide passages of the “underground palaces”, either anxiety and fear, or indomitable curiosity can seize him – both attract and make him again and again return to solving this puzzle. Moreover, caves are a fairly rare geological phenomenon. They allow a person to look deep into the Earth, to find out the contents of its bowels, to look at the grandiose, impressive work of water. You’ll hear lots of legends, tales and authentic stories about the Taldin caves during the excursion.

Bathhouse. Farewell dinner. Departure to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk.