Would you like to try real Kuban wine from the best vineyards and listen to the entertaining story of a sommelier about the merits of this ancient drink? What about doing it in a wine cellar in a cozy chamber atmosphere? Want to? Then you definitely need to go to this wine tour in Sochi!

Krasnodar region has long been considered one of the main centers of wine-making Russia. Throughout the entire territory of our vast country, only here the climate and the soil allow the grapes to ripen properly in summer and autumn, and in the winter to keep the vine from freezing. So, in Russia appeared wineries, which soon gained fame not only in the country, but also abroad.

Russian wines have recently become not only at a price to significantly win over their European competitors, but also in price-quality ratio. On this wine tour you have a wonderful opportunity not only to try several kinds of Kuban wines, but also to hear the fascinating story of a sommelier about how grapes grow, what varieties are made from wine. And, of course, you will find out with what is better to drink this or that kind of wine.

Russian winemakers have something to be proud of. And after the tasting you will surely appreciate the charm of the Kuban wines. During wine tasting, you will be able to visit local vineyards in absentia and see how the grapes grow. After all, the story of a sommelier will be accompanied by a demo film.

All wines will be served in glass cups with high legs. After all, it is from such dishes that drinking wine is accepted.

For each wine during the tasting three types of cheese and two types of meat will be served. It is in combination with these products that you can appreciate the full taste of the wine. You will learn how to drink this or that wine. How to drink dry and dessert wines. After a fascinating story, you can better sort out the types of wine and feel like a little sommelier.

At the end of the tasting you will be served one of the dishes from the kitchen’s fault (included in the price):

Gambas Mirit-style (tiger prawns, stewed in Chateau Taman white wine sauce with tomatoes and paprika, with the addition of Chateau Taman cognac);
Beef in Burgundy (beef tenderloin stewed in red wine “Chateau Taman” with champignons);
Salmon with wine sauce (salmon stewed in a creamy wine sauce with roasted onions).
After tasting, you can buy your favorite wine. Due to direct deliveries from the supplier, the prices will pleasantly please you.