Horse tours to Altai 8 days

On this route you will see ones of the most famous and beautiful lakes of Altai: Multinsky, Lake Kuyguk, Akchan lake. Magnificent landscapes will not weary your eyes. The natural beauty of these places has always attracted people. At different times and historical epochs, many nomadic peoples came to this land, leaving here part of their culture. We know about this due to numerous historical monuments in the form of rock carvings, ancient burial places and names of places. You have the opportunity to feel like a representative of distant people who came to this land on horseback.

Meeting is at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk at 1st day.

$2000 only a tour with a flight from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk

What’s included:

  1. Three meals a day – on the active part of the tour (from lunch on the 3rd day to breakfast in the 8th).
  2. Guide services, throughout the tour.
  3. Cook services.
  4. Basic equipment (tents, dishes, etc.)
  5. Transport services (helicopter, off-road vehicle).
  6. Hotels accommodation 3*, DBL.
  7. Salmon fishing on the lake.
  8. Swimming in pools with thermal water.

Not included:

  1. Lunches and dinners in hotels, and during moving. (150-300 RUB in a cafe), (300-600 RUB in a restaurant)
  2. Optional excursions; In the Valley of Geysers, or the Sea.
  3. Alcohol

1 day

Transfer Ust-Sema – Multa-Maralnik.

The journey starts along the famous Chuy tract, through the Seminsky pass, from which we can see the snow-capped peaks of the Altai Mountains, then along the Kanskaya steppe to the Umonsky valley. After lunch, if there is time, we can make an excursion to the village of Verkhny Uymon – one of the oldest villages in the Ust-Koksinsky district (for an additional fee). The village was founded by Old Believers (“Starovery”) about 300 years ago. In the village we will visit the estate of Vahromey Atamanov, where N.K. Roerich accommodated in 1926. Now there is a museum. The museum presents the history of the Old Believers and an exposition devoted to Roerich.

Arrival to Multa-Maralnik: it is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the mountain river Multa, among the spurs of the Katunsky ridge. Accommodation in tents.

Compartment: from 5900 RUB


2 day

Ascending along the river Multa to the Lower Multinsky Lake (13 km, 3-4 hours).

On this day, we start the ascent to the Lower Multin Lake, a short climb will allow you to adapt quickly to horse riding. Step by step on the trail you get in the kingdom of the cedar taiga, lots of flowers and berries. The lake is located at a height of 1710 meters. The view of the lake leaves no one indifferent, blue water against the white peaks, it is perfect in any weather, paradise for the photographer. The length of the lake is 2370 meters and its width is up to 900 meters. The lake is full of grayling


3 day

Moving to the Upper Multin Lake, which is located at a height of 1860 m in a deep rocky circus near the lower boundary of the car glacier (16 km by feet, 14 km horses, 5-6 hours). The path passes through the “Noisy” (“Shumy”) – picturesque channel between the Lower and Middle Lakes, formed by huge boulders. This ridge of stones is the final moraine of the ancient glacier. Water breaks through this dam, forming a contrast with the quiet smoothness of two lakes. On the slopes of the Katun Ridge, you can see small waterfalls and the nearby peaks covered with ice and snow caps.

Visit to the bath (for an additional fee).


4 day

Lake Nizhne Multin – Lake Kuiguk (9 km, 3 hours). The name comes from the Altai word “kui” – a cave, a grotto. The first explorer of the valley is Multa I.V. Gebler mentioned this creek as koy-kui – a blue cave. In the valley there is a golden root, badan, a lot of Altai honeysuckle.

Setting the base camp among the majestic cedars, next to one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Altai – Kuiguk (25m).

Walk to the lake (2-3 hours).


5 day

Lake Kuyguk – the distant Black River (White stone) (16 km).

After breakfast, we’ll do a small ascent, then traverse the ridge through several valleys. The trail passes through an array of cedar taiga, a beautiful view of the river valleys, transparent rivers, and a real opportunity to see the marals in a natural habitat. On this day you’ll have an opportunity to feel yourself like a real nomad.

Overnight at a hunting hut, next to a beautiful white rock


6 day

Pass Black River – the village of Maralnik (18 km, 6 hours).

Ascent to the pass (2300m), woodlands, beautiful rocks.

From the pass, Mount Kolban and Akchan Lake are clearly visible with a surprisingly turquoise color of water. You can also see the whole Katunsky ridge and the Belukha Mountain. It is a great chance to make picturesque photo and video, such as farewell photos against the backdrop of the peaks of the Katun Ridge. After this we begin the descent to the village of Maralnik. (In 1986, the local children found a metal object on the territory of the Maralnik, in the cedar forest, It was an ancient helmet. The scientists determined that the multi-purpose helmet was made by Mongolian armoires and could have reached Altai in the early 13th century. This helmet reminds us the distant times of Genghis Khan).

Compartment: from 5100 RUB.


7 day

Return from the route. Breakfast. Departure to Chemalsky District, accommodation on the base. Recreation. Bathhouse. Festive dinner.


8 day

After breakfast departure to Gorno-Altaisk (about 2 hours), and at 7 am flight to Moscow

Approximate time of arrival in Moscow is 10:00, 11:00 am, local time.